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Rich User Experience


Tired of boring applications that chug from page to page waiting for the server to process each mouse click. Rich web interfaces have been around for over 15 years since the advent of Flash, and with newer technologies like Silverlight, the Flex SDK, and HTML5 becoming more and more popular, corporations are starting to create appealing interfaces for the most mundane uses. Don't lag behind as this technology grows, the interface could be what separates you from your competition


In a world of flat looking desktop applications, their exist a whole new world of great looking applications built on technologies like Adobe AIR and Microsoft WPF that allow you to stretch the desktop experience to the limit. Let us create an engaging desktop experience for your client(s) that looks as appealing as some of the newer web applications on the market, with all the power of the desktop at your finger tips


Need help prototyping various designs? Unsure which design will be the most successful? We run an elaborate Usability study that targets the market you are most interested in, using social media outlets and surveys of confirmed individuals to test and provide feedback that will help you make the right choice


Usability studies have entered the "CSI stage" where we can track willing participants through each level of your interface with the slightest of body motions and report on the users mood with our patent-pending technology for reporting on each stage of your interface design. Track the pain points and see what performs well in order to have a grand picture of what is and what isn't working

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