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Web Development

User Experience

Actieve consultants pride themselves at being on top when it comes to User Experience. Anyone can make a web application, but very few have the talent to deliver engaging web sites and applications that people actually enjoy using. We provide industry analysis of some of the top usable controls and methodologies and deliver a product far superior to other design firms. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why we so thoroughly concentrate on the front end, while our competition tries to exaggerate in order to spend cycles on creating over-architected back ends. We are #1 at making sure your system is usable, and not just another clunky web site

What's The Buzz?

From HTML5 to Flash to what's coming next, we ensure that our consultants stay ahead of the curve and their talents and work even become the bleeding edge. You may have been hearing a lot of rumor, maybe even already formed an opinion on what the next best technology and platform is, we will provide an easy transition into the technology platform of your choosing, and the proper recommendation that ensures that you are successful in your technology endeavour

Search Engine Optimization

Don't forget about the content as it could very well be the most interesting part of your site, and definitely the reason behind why the user is there. SEO can be extremely difficult topic to stay on top of and industry leaders frequently fall behind on current technologies. We provide a well organized process for staying on top of search engines and how you can help to make your site a searchable success

Intense Design

From Typography to backgrounds, to content structure, Actieve provides some of the slickest looking site designs on the web today. We start from sketch drawings and end with finely detailed compositions that are easy to implement and scalable to any screen

Multi-Screen Layouts

Actieve compositions can be made to scale to any window, from a tablet to phone to a full size TV or Computer screen, we build your layouts to go with the flow

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