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The current landscape requires that you, your employees, and your clients stay connected on a multitude of electronic platforms. Within this landscape comes a variety of systems at an extremely high cost. Actieve Smpl gives you some of the most useful tools required for modern business.

Smpl brings you Message Threads, Tasking, Time Tracking, Notes, Online Forms, File Sharing and Social Links all for a fraction of the cost for even one of those technologies.

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A variety of services, to meet your needs
Specialized and modern branding is important, from your business card, to your web site and into the reaches of your social networks, be sure your stamp is memoriable.
These days a web site is more than an online pamplet. We are seasoned user experience professionals that worked with industry leaders to shape what the web has become.
With proprietary algorithms, Actieve specializes in programtic tracking of analytics to guide your marketing efforts to grow your business in a way our competitors cannot compete.
It is always better safe then sorry but most business cannot afford a full time support staff, With targetting support contracts, let us manage your maintenence and support for you.
Search Engine Optimization needs to be configured on a month to month basis as your consumers evolve. Make sure to employ a specialist that works closely with marketing and analytics.
Need HIPPAA compliant hosting, on-going security scanning and continued tracking of web security compliance? Let one of our security specialists monitor your servers for vulnerabilities.
Easy to maintain and scale hosting options are best when configured by professionals that have done and used all the options. Have us set you up with one of our providers to assure a confident configuration.
Whether you are looking for mobile web and a responseive web site, or a full blown native application for todays mobile devices, we have the staff that you need to complete your project quickly.
Need something not listed here?... Contact Us, we have resources for any digitial project
Cross Platform / Native / Mobile Web... we have the best possible solution for you
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