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Actieve Smpl Cloud intranet makes collaborating with your teams quick and easy!

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Cloud Intranet
Free for personal use, $9.99 per user for teams collaboration
Create any number of groups to share information pertaining to your company, family, friends, whoever.
Maintain a list of threaded discussions about any number of topics within your group.
File Share
Share files within your group, file syncing and security is based on the groups you define.
Shared Notes
EMail can be a nightmare, have something important you need to share with the team?...
Web Forms
Create web forms to ask questions, create sign ups, manage IOT values and more.
Social Linking
Have a group of links that is important for your group, use the links section for easy access.
Social Tasks
Not since Yahoo disabled Astrid has there been such an easy to use task assignment system.
Time Tracking
Quick and easy to use time tracking to record where your group is spending time.
Coming Soon
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Idea Exchange
The modern comment box for communicating ideas amongst your group that will put the best ideas, first.
Customer Relation Management has gotten too complex to handle on the leven we need, so we make it simple.
Expense Reporting
Expense Reports have never beem easier, take a photo, select tags, submit and done.
Scrum Log
Tired of crazy long daily stand ups? Scrum Log makes it easy to track your blockers and get things done.