Immersive Digital Displays
Kiosk, Advertising, Museums, Conferences and more

Your Needs
Digital Displays
How you engage in person, revolutionized

Use Cases Include...

  • Signing in for a gym or doctors office
  • Ordering your food at a display with interactive touch or video help
  • Finding where your class is at school and looking up your schedule
  • Targetted media advertisement
  • Facial Recognition
  • Photo Booth Sharing
  • Wedding Check In and Send a Message

The ideas are limitless and no one has the experience we have. With thousands of interactive displays deployed and remotely managed with SMPL tools you will be hard pressed to find a competetr that can do it like we can.

Contact us to discuss the implementation you need.

What we can do
If you can think of an electronic kiosk to help your business we can deliver it.
Mini displays to enter various data along a manufacturing process make data tracking and reporting seamless.
Museum displays give your guest a nice easy means by which to navigate and interact with your exhibits.
Advertise and allow customers to interact with advertisemets to open a new line of revenue for your business.
Sign in to events, see your schedule, get maps, communicate and more with a variety of screens available.
Conference and product demos stand out in comparison if you have interactive demos available.