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IOT Data tracking and reporting has become an integral part of the core systems at Actieve when it comes to how the various servers and devices communicate. In doing so, clients have leveraged the same services to implement their device reporting and M2M communication with our system. Since our core exerience was born in the IOT space, working with some of the largest IOT companies in the world, we bring enterprise scale connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

If that is not good enough, we have partnered with major IOT players such as Unisend Systems, Microsoft, AT&T, PTC, Axeda and more to implement the IOT system that you need to scale your IOT Projects.

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3rd Party Integrated Solutions
We have all the talent you need to maintain or create new implementations.
Unisend Systems
Coined as the first Platform of Things, Unisend offers clients a social network style easy to use interface, with a multi-tenant managed notification and tracking system.
Now a legacy system in purely maintenence mode, many companies have large IOT implementations on the worlds first plug and play M2M/IOT platform.
A merge of Axeda and thingworx technologies has evolved into the new PTC IOT offering, you will not find staff more suited to creating your IOT application on PTC.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft, with their new Azure IOT services provides the power of Microsoft Azure to the Internet of Things for unsurpassed performance.
What AT&T lacks in User Interface, they make up for in ease of use to get your data feeding into their systems. Just let us make it pretty.
Amazon AWS
Among the plethora of SaaS offerings at Amazon lies an IOT implementation that allows you to take advantage of the power of Amazons infastructure.