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Mobile Web

It is imperative that you have a responsive, mobile web site so that your customers and potential customers can interact with your company on any device. People expect to have a view into your material using their phones, tablets, and desktops, and should not be burdoned with unecassary scrolling and zooming.

Mobile App

If you have a service that requires the user have perfomant interactivity with your web site, application, or database, you should definetely have a mobile app in the various app stores or at least be planning one.

In either case, Actieve has been innovating mobile applications since Palm and Blackberry first hit the market. We have seen the trends, built applications for Windows CE, iOS, Android and more granting us one of the most broad portfolios of any mobile development firm in the world.

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We take over Mobile Feature Development and Maintenence at a fraction of the cost of hiring in house.
Manage your application code and your stores, Google Play, International Amazon, Nook, Nabi & more.
Native Apple development for tablet, phone and desktop has been a specialty of ours for over a decade.
Windows Devices and Marketplace management for Microsoft technology like XBox, Windows Mobile, and PC.
Cross Platform
Cross Platform development and maintenence on technologies like Xamarin, PhoneGap, React, AIR and more.
Embedded development and specialty devices suck as advertisment screens and television that most companies do not support.